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Organically grown.Miniature White cucumber grown in 2022. These fantastic little yellow-white cucumbers are great. Best picked when about 6cm long, and terrific in salads. They have very soft, thin skin, without any bitterness, and distinctly sweet crunchy flesh.We know a lot of people with smaller families also like this variety because they can use a whole cucumber in a salad, and not be left with half cucumbers in the fridge.The vines are very compact, start to bear early, and happily climb netting, or grow on the ground.Sow the seeds mid April to the end of May on a windowsill or propagator in individual 7cm pots. Grow on until all danger of frost is gone and either plant in the greenhouse or harden off to grow outside in a warm spot.Can be grown up a trellis or left to scramble over the ground. Grown by Zyg and Maggie

Miniature White cucumber - Cucumis Sativus