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Donating Seeds to the Incredible Seed Library

When you borrow seeds from the Incredible Seed Library, they are all from open pollinated sources. This means that they are viable and will grow true to type. Just like a regular library we will give you seeds and we will also give you the information to be able to save true to type and viable seeds, and then we ask you to return seeds to the Incredible Seed Library so we can give them to someone else.

When you save seeds from a number of plants of a variety as recommended to ensure genetic diversity in open pollinated seeds, you often end up with a large quantity of seeds. So please send them to us so we can share then with others. If you are able to send enough seed for at least 10 packets (and hopefully more) that would be great as it means that members of the Incredible Seed Library are less likely to be disapointed by out of stock seeds. It would also be really useful if you can take a few photos of the particular variety that you are sending to go on the website.  

Email with your photos, and also for the address to send your seeds.

Please clean your seeds and remove any chaff and impurities.

It is important to dry your seeds properly and store them in a paper envelope. See the information on drying your seeds for more information about this.

Many of our seeds are donated by our members who have watched the videos on our YouTube channel and saved seeds following the principles from them. This is a growing library of information so if you subscribe you will be notified when new videos are added.

This is the link to follow

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