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Organically grown.Lemon Drop Hot Citrus Chilli grown is 2022. Large robust bushes (about 2' tall) covered in thin green chillies that ripen to bright yellow.The fruit are very, very hot, with a strong lemon flavour. When you cut them they really do smell - and taste - strongly of lemons! It makes a fantastic change to your chilli sauce or salsa.Its not super early, as the fruits ripen in early autumn - but it is very productive and decorative - and can sometimes do well in a big pot on a sunny patio, or of course it will be very happy in your greenhouse or polytunnel. This is a large bush about two foot square.Note that this type of pepper - Ají - is only semi-domesticated; some of the seed is always dormant, even with good heat.Sow in a propagator Jan - March

Lemon Drop Hot Citrus Chilli - Capsicum Annuum