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Organically grown.Maggie’s Borlotti Bean grown in 2022. This is a highly productive climbing bean that can be eaten at every stage of the bean growth.It is a strongly growing plant that grows 2-3m tall and so needs a really sturdy support.Sow in deep modules or toilet roll centres in late March or early April and grow on under cover till early May. This deters mice eating the seeds. Harden off before planting out. Plant out on supporting frames about 25cm apart.Alternatively sow direct in May allowing 2 beans per station and remove the weakest plant.They are really sweet when eaten small and whole, or larger but still flat. When the beans start to form, they can be eaten fresh shelled like broad beans. Finally, they can be dried and eaten as a pulse in the winter. Let the beans dry on the plant then harvest the dry pods. Dry further indoors till the pods rattle and then shell the beans and place them somewhere warm on a tray till they rattle sharply on the tray when gently dropped. Then store in a jar for winter use. If you have grown these in isolation, then please return some seeds to the seed library. Grown by Maggie and Aex & Nic.

Maggie’s Borlotti Bean - climbing french - Phaseolus vulgaris