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Organically grown.Huauzontle (Aztec Broccoli ) grown 2022. This amazing plant grows large bushes (4 ft tall) with delicious edible leaves. However the best bits are the hundreds & hundreds of flower shoots which you gather just before they show their tiny yellow petals.Easily picked, just take the top 3 inches of each flower stem (which will have both leaves and flowers) and boil or steam them. They are simple to cook and really nice.It is hard to explain, but as well as the flavour, what is quite special about this plant is the texture when cooked.This is one of the very few greens that keep a great texture when cooked, with a very slight crunch to them. They're not in any way chewy - but they just don't go completely soft the way that for example spinach does.Because of this, as well as just eating as a green, they are a really great thing to mix in with rice, potato cakes, couscous or stir-fries, as an easy way to make a very simple and plain dish seem really special.If you're a particularly keen cook, search on the internet for 'Huauzontles' for lots of Mexican recipes for fritters and more! But they're great just cooked simply and quickly as a side dish too. We plant around half a dozen plants in our home garden each summer, to supply us with shoots from mid-summer right through to the middle of October.Sow individually in modules or small pots in April. Harden off and plant out at least 30cm apart. Seed saved by Maggie.

Huauzontle (Aztec Broccoli ) - Chenopodium berlandieri.