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Giant Bolivian Achocha grown in 2021. Achocha are a delicacy in South America and really easy to grow if you start them off right.Sow seeds into pots under glass or on the windowsill in April/May and set them out when all danger of frost has passed. Or grow under glass. Warmth (rather than heat) and humidity are what achochas like best. You'll need a temperature of around 23-25 degrees c to allow germination. It is reputed to be more cold tolerant than cucumber, enjoying a long summer, but will still be cut down by frost. Needs supporting, preferably with netting, as it has tendrils that can grip. It will grow as high as you support it, so make sure you train it!They are tasty both raw and cooked - very like sweet green peppers. And the huge vines yield lots of fruit. Amazing! Fried, or stuffed and roasted, it makes a great dinner.

Giant Bolivian Achocha - Cyclanthera pedata