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Exciting New Development

Updated: Jul 9

We are delighted to announce that The Incredible Seed Library will now have a permanent new home at SERO in Carmarthen. Carmarthen Together, Unit 415 John Street, Carmarthen, SA31 1QT

There are a series of workshops planned for new volunteers.

We are looking for people who would like to be part of this exciting project. We are providing training on three Thursdays…July 18 th July 25 th and August 1 st.

If you are interested in playing a part, small or large, please get in touch.

July 18th 2024. Using a seed cleaner. 1 pm

This fantastic machine cleans the chaff from seeds using just the power of a vacuum cleaner.

Open source directions on the Real Seeds Website.

Come along and learn how to clean seeds with this great machine and a selection of sieves and household objects.

July 25th 2024. Volunteer Training. 10 30 am

We would love you to join us as a volunteer in this exciting new part of the Incredible Seed Library journey. Come along and see how the Library works through the year and join us in this venture.

August 1st 2024. Seed Saving Workshop

Come along to this workshop on Seed Saving and learn loads of tips and tricks to save seeds of open pollinated varieties that are viable and true to type. We will look at easy to save seeds like peas and french beans as well as some more complicated techniques like mechanical isolation.

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